As you all know every Easter The Pastoral Team of The Parish of Great Aycliffe come into all homes on our town to bring an Easter Service to all Residents and Staff.

Because of the current circumstances we are unable to come and visit you all at present. But please try not to worry, INSTEAD we are going to live stream an Easter message and short service for YOU ALL.

This will be on The Parish of Great Aycliffe Facebook page, the week beginning March 29th through to April 1st. All Care Homes can access this video on our Facebook page at anytime. You can also use Tablets to access this Easter Greeting which will have messages from our clergy, our Pastoral team members and myself. There will be a couple of your favourite hymns and prayers including The Lords Prayer. It would be great if your Care Home can organise you to view this short service. It can be seen over 4 days so plenty of time for you to see it. In the meantime, take care and God bless you all. Love and blessings.

Pam Lovelass

Authorised Pastoral Assistant