Arthur saw on the news that the queen could not have her ‘birthday’ properly because of the ‘Konono’ Virus (Arthur’s terminology) and that she could not have the cannons fired in her honour.

Without any comments from his parents or me, he went upstairs for an hour or so and came down with a pretty good drawing showing a guardsman at attention next to a cannon and a cannonball being fired, together with flames etc., and, of course, a loud ‘BANG’, with a castle in the background.

Wishing a ‘happy birthday’ to the Queen on the top, with a lot of different colours.

He then presented the drawing and asked for the Queens’ house address? The picture was duly posted to Buckingham Palace, together with a covering letter to the Queen from Arthur expressing his sadness that she could not have a birthday party.

Also in the letter, Arthur invited the Queen to his birthday party, which will be in November, to meet his friends and play games, and that she would have a good time and not be sad. So who knows she may just turn up!

Last week a letter of thanks from Windsor Castle was received, expressing the Queen’s thanks and gratitude for such a ‘grand’ picture.