Dear Sir,
I would like to know where all this food from local charities is going as there cannot be that many people on this town that are really classed as needy.
I know one woman who has a part time job plus two cleaning jobs, and all the benefits yet goes drinking most nights and smokes about 15 to 20 a day.
She received three bags of food and gave half away so you cannot tell me she should have been getting this.
Come on do you really think this fair? If anyone needs help it’s the pensioners – now that I could understand.
Good for you Aldi refusing to give bread – there is far too much given away and that’s why they don’t need to work!
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From Aycliffe’s Foodbank Organiser


When my wife and myself were first asked to co-ordinate the food bank in Newton Aycliffe I didn’t think there would be a need for people to be given food – not in the twenty first century.
How wrong I was, changes in the welfare system have placed an enormous strain on many families, even those in employment are feeling the pressure, and as a consequence there are a great number in this town who find themselves in food poverty.
It is also true that as in any system there will be those who will take advantage. The food bank does not assess need, this is left to welfare and health professionals who know their clients and issue a voucher to those whom they assess as being in need.
The food bank provides help to all irrespective of age, who have been assessed and are in receipt of a food voucher.
Our main concern is not that we are providing food to those who do not “deserve it”, but there are people in need who do not seek help from agencies who could support them either with food vouchers or other help.
Finally may I say how good it is to live in a town where there is so much generosity. We receive donations from individuals, and also organisations large and small who are prepared to use their resources to help those families.
Last year St Clare’s food bank fed over 1,500 adults and children.
Ernie Temple, Foodbank