1 – In the Aycliffe West Ward, Lib Dem Candidate for County Council James Walsh, (who lives in Brafferton, Darlington not Newton Aycliffe), states they got the Town Council to freeze its Council Tax, this is totally untrue.

2 – Lib Dem leaflet states ‘Cllr. Michael Stead has only been a Councillor for a year and he has already secured a town council tax freeze’, totally untrue.

3 – Lib Dem leaflet says ‘it’s time we had local Councillors’, yet they are putting up a person who lives in Brafferton, Darlington and another who lives in Heighington Parish, Darlington. They do not live in the Town – hardly local!

Neville Jones, Lib Dem Candidate, asked: “does this have to descend to the nasty levels being seen by some in our Town?”

Well Neville, I had hoped for better, but deceiving the electorate about your candidates being local, when two blatantly live outside the Town Council boundary, is not right. Claiming your one Lib Dem Councillor, out of 30 Councillors, froze the Council Tax, is unacceptable.

Don’t trust what the Lib Dems say.

David Elliot

Independent Candidate