On Tuesday 12th March at around 3:45pm I was sat parked in my car in Tesco’s car park Newton Aycliffe. I was parked in a beige VW Jetta near the mini roundabout facing the petrol station when a white Renault van, that was parked beside me, facing the opposite direction, damaged my vehicle as they drove away. As the white van was driven away there was damage caused to my vehicle by them driving too close and scratching my vehicle as they left.
At the time of the incident there was a gentleman who approached me to read out his registration, as well as a red car opposite who stopped when it happened. If you were any of the people who stopped or witnessed the incident I would be grateful if you would be able to come forward to offer your details for a brief statement confirming that you saw the van damage my car as it left.
I appreciate that this might seem like it was quite a while ago now, but if you did witness it and could contact me I would be extremely grateful.
If you were any of those people mentioned or did see the incident occur and would be happy to provide a brief statement please contact Lisa on 01325 317206.