All Weather Dog Training and All Weather Home Boarding is a new business set up by Sonya Ingledew I am a Newtonian and I have lived on the Town all my life. I have always had a passion for animals, with over 20 year’s experience in various roles of animal care and training from fostering animals for various animal charities to working in a local dog day care centre, home boarding dogs and dog training classes.
I have 3 dogs myself Breeze 5 years old, Drizzle 3 years old, these 2 are sisters and then we have puppy Reign who is 14 weeks old who is Niece of the older two. As you can see our business names come from my obsession to follow a weather theme when naming my dogs. We compete in heelwork to music aka doggie dancing and also a new sport just starting off in this country called disc dog also known as frisbee dog, it is already a big and well established sport in America and a lot of European countries, I am the only UKDDA qualified instructor and judge in the north east and it’s exciting to be part of such a new and developing sport in this country.
It really is about having fun with our canine family, it covers a wide variety of every day essential training for our dogs in a fun way for both humans and dogs and that’s what training should be all about both fun and rewarding. When doing disc your dog will learn to focus and have self-control they will learn basic command as well as recalling and retrieving body awareness, tricks, catching and much more it is so adaptable that there is something for everyone regardless of breed and age and size, also suitable for handlers of all ages abilities.
All our training is force free rewarding throughout, all of our classes are fun and friendly. We encourage child handling and participation where possible. I have my niece Abby Sams who is a child handler and potentially amazing dog trainer of the future assisting with some of the classes.
We have just returned from Scotland recently where we both competed in UKDDA and UFO World Series Competitions, Abby did very well competing alongside adults in team events gaining two 1st place rosettes a 2nd place and a 3rd place. I competed in the individual and team events where as well as gaining 1st place 2nd and 3rd Place, Breeze got a qualifier for the UFO world series, I couldn’t be prouder.
Also our All Weather Home Boarding will be available shortly we are in the process of obtaining our license, then we will be able to offer a home from home stay for your treasured canine friends where they will live with us as part of our family, we will be offering anything from 1 day boarding to as long as you need boarding.
We will also send you updates and pictures as regular as you would like. We are looking forward to getting our new venture up and running. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information, we would love to help.
We have various training classes starting soon puppy classes / life skills classes / trick and click classes / Disc (frisbee) classes.
Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07999 304078 or 01325 494195 email: or you can find us on facebook at All Weather Dog Training.