Dear Sir,
Whilst it is a loud hurrah for Tesco in welcoming their continued support for the Newton Aycliffe Food Bank and agreeing to donate twenty loaves of fresh bread weekly to that  social lifeline, I certainly would not castigate Aldi and their social role.
They too are playing a vital part in supporting struggling families. It is a modern day continuing scandal that there is a need for Food Banks. In the context of food retailers within Newton Aycliffe Aldi are very competitive on price and quality.
I am certain that there are many, families extremely grateful that they can avail themselves of the cheaper prices of food stuffs at Aldi. There are many who struggle to make ends meet, week on week. They do not have to go to the Food Bank, but the pennies and pounds that they save on their weekly shop makes a real difference to them.
Yes, three cheers for Tesco, but let us be very grateful for Aldi, without them, many more Newtonians would be knocking on the doors of our Food Bank
Derek Atkinson
(GATC Cllr for Simpasture)