Despite the publicity and the undoubted benefits of forming a Residents Association the Agnew folk did not turn out to discuss the possibility at a meeting called last week.
There was a great support from Councillors who want to see more public involvement, but people were disappointingly conspicuous by their absence.
Ken Robson from ACORN and Phil Clark from Horndale were present to report on their successes since being formed, hoping to encourage a new group for the Agnews but the only progress made was that the Agnew Community Centre would continue to promote an Association from their base and others present offered help in recruiting suitable people to lead the project.
The Agnew RA would have a great advantage over other groups as they have the support of their own community centre from which to operate. Life in the Agnews could be improved if residents came together to push for action on a number of important issues.
Any resident from the Agnews who could not attend the meeting but would like to be part of a Steering Group to form  an Association should contact Secretary Ron Mitchie on 01325 321504.