A well represented audience attended the AGM of the Agnew Community Centre on the 9th April. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Great Aycliffe Wendy Hilary along with her husband and consort county councillor Jed Hilary.
Vice Chairman Joan Clark chaired the meeting and shared her excitement for the year ahead. She explained the changes that had been made to the centre to help show people using the centre what practical steps could be taken to make the building dementia friendly.
In the Annual report secretary Ron Mitchie explained how his excitement for the future of the centre had been rejuvenated by Great Aycliffe Community Aid Partnership using the centre for their head office and by way of the proposed extension, subject to funding and planning permission, to the building for community welfare aid projects.
He reported an increase in users from the start of this year which should in turn lead to a healthy profit for reinvestment for the current year.
Officers elected where. Joan Clark, Chair, Ron Mitchie, Secretary, Lesley Robson, Treasurer and Jean Cochrane President. Committee members elected were, Jane Taylor, retiring treasurer, Carol Estom and Jane Johnson.
Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity at Greenfield Arts addressed those present on the many successful community projects initiated by Greenfield Arts.
Katy has great experience of partnership working with a range of groups and each of her projects are based on the strength of these collaborations.
Katy issued jigsaw pieces she had produced for the group to write on and share their thoughts about what partnership means to them.  Katy discussed the importance of everyones contribution and used the tool to demonstrate how partnership and each of it’s elements can create the bigger whole.
She discussed three successful Community Arts Projects she had developed – “What If…?”- an awarding winning theatre project, “Synergy” and “Flourish”- two new art commissions to recognise the merge of the 2 schools and “Cutting Loose” – successive community carnival celebrations of Arts, costume, music and dance.  Katy discussed the positives and challenges that partnership working had brought about.
Katy was thanked for her presentation and work she does in the community. Ron Mitchie thanked all present for their attendance and invited everyone to stay for refreshments.

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Mayor Wendy Hillary with the new Agnew Committee