Dear Sir,
Am I alone in thinking this current, no doubt money-making, trend of displaying advertising boards on all our local roundabouts is unsightly, if not dangerous?
It seems such a shame that all our beautifully planted / landscaped roundabouts are blighted with these ugly advertising signs. The roundabout at the end of Woodham Way is littered with four of these monstrosities.
Quite apart from the fact that drivers negotiating  traffic islands should be concentrating on their manoeuvre and not be distracted with this mish-mash of signage.
No doubt the Community Partnership, or which ever body organises this scheme, will say that without the advertising revenue the roundabouts would not be landscaped, but I was under the impression that these costs were met from our Council Tax.
Could these local businesses not sponsor our roundabouts and have their public spirited goodwill acknowledged in some other way – for example given a mention in the DCC newsletter?
As a matter of principle I will never give my business to any of the companies whose advertising boards are spoiling our environment.
Margaret Davison