Dear Sir,
Re: Decision to stop Trailer Training B&E Tests & Implications
Further to Jack Braley’s letter in 8th October Newton News, I wish to clarify some points regarding the decision by DVSA to stop the B&E Tests.
I have written to Grant Shapps MP expressing my concerns regarding future health and safety on the roads.
I am an experienced caravanner, over the last 30 plus years, and in the last 4 years I have been teaching people the correct method for caravan and trailer towing through a number of driving schools.
During that time, I have carried out caravan training on behalf of the Caravan & Motor Home Club and experienced people who have the B&E licence under ‘grandfather rights’ ie passed their driving test prior to January 1997. Their lack of knowledge and understanding of health and safety issues in coupling and uncoupling and general driving with a caravan, were very worrying. It now appears that we are going backwards 25 years and releasing car drivers without any training whatsoever, onto extremely busy roads and motorways. This is a major disaster waiting to happen which could, and will, result in fatalities.
The governments’ intention to change the Law to abolish B&E Tests and further reduce Rigid (Cat C) to enable drivers to immediately go for Artic Test (C&E) without any experience of HGV driving.
Grant Shapps MP, said on Question Time that it takes 3 weeks training before carrying out a C&E Test, this is ludicrous. In fact, it takes much longer as the driver needs to pass other Tests before getting the C&E.
The net result of the decision, made by the government, has effectively given the DVSA examiners hours and hours of non-productive work as it is impossible for the driving schools to provide both the vehicle and instructor in the quantities that are required for C&E Tests.
As a result of the governments decision, I am now redundant! Along with many other driving instructors. We are deeply concerned about releasing people, with an acute lack of knowledge for health and safety, on the roads when towing.
Dave Eason
Driving Instruction/Trailer & Caravan Trainer