Dear Sir,

On Monday afternoon, 17th February, at around 1.30pm, my son, Mark Chapman and I walked down to Argos in Newton Aycliffe.

On leaving the shop we walked onto Greenwell Road, around the back of Argos, and just on the path, up from the entrance to the town park, my son witnessed an elderly lady lose her footing on the pavement.

We rushed over to see if she needed assistance, a gentleman, who was parked in his van, also came forward. I dialled 999 for an ambulance.

A few moments later a group of youngsters came along and offered to help, and without any prompting, they all took off their coats and proceeded to cover the lady with them to keep her warm.

The lady in question was called Violet, she is an 84 or 85 year old lady, who had been in the Youth Centre for her lunch. Another lady came over with blankets from Barnardo’s, she also managed to get hold of Violet’s son.

Tesco staff also came to assist and brought a hot water bottle, hand warmers and a duvet cover.

The children who arrived first deserve some recognition for what they did, especially with all the bad press about the town’s youngsters in other publications.

It was bitterly cold and they themselves did this act of kindness. We all waited for around 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and I was knelt on the floor beside Violet the whole time.

The names of the children are as follows: Katie Brown, Logan Roe, Mark Chapman, Jake Wild, Ciaran Brayley, Callum Anderson, Dylan Hugill, Jess Gough, Aleasha Webster and Tilly Hathaway.