Dear Sir,

Since leaving the Labour Party almost 20 years ago, I have been totally independent of any political party. I am doubly pleased that I have not been on the Councillor Arun Chandran’s puppet Independents.

At the Council Meeting on Wednesday, I was appalled by the way Cllr. Chandran attacked the Mayor, Councillor Mrs Mary Dalton, over a petty incident. Mary has served this Council and the people of Great Aycliffe with dignity, giving herself to the best of her considerable ability. Cllr. Chandran’s attack left an old lady terribly upset and unable to continue to chair the meeting.

I am pleased that the Leader of the Council gave Cllr. Chandran a good old-fashioned dressing down, because Cllr. Chandran had shown himself as a bully to an old lady, showing no compassion or sensitivity to a person who has given so much to our community.

Secondly, I have recently been informed, by a very reliable source, that Cllr. Chandran was openly canvassing in Chilton with the Tory candidate and now our MP.

So much for him being Independent, he is a Tory supporter hiding under an Independent cloak. With Cllr. Chandran, you do not get what you see.

You don’t get a decent Independent, but a Tory and a bully.

Bill Blenkinsopp