Dear Sir,

The good people of County Durham have swept Momentum/Labour out of overall control of their County Council. It is now up to the non-Labour Councillors to ensure that the new ‘Cabinet’ is not loaded by Momentum/Labour Councillors and that it represents the changed political climate in the County and the region.

Hopefully, the new DCC will elect a ‘Climate Sceptic’ to the role of ‘Climate Czar’. He could concentrate on ensuring our current ‘green-enough’ economy is able to function during the upcoming period of cooling. (Wind and Solar Panel Farms proved to be inoperable in Texas last winter!).

Perhaps, our new County Council can spend some of its excessive reserves to make the promised Council Tax Cuts.

I congratulate all the re-elected and newly elected Councillors and wish them every success in properly representing their electorate and improving our chances of getting our fair share of Government ‘Levelling-up’ monies being sought by our MP.

Alastair P.G. Welsh