Dear Sir,
I just thought I’d let you see this lake at the front of the court building in Middlesbrough. There is no algae and although small is perfectly clear despite people sharing their lunch with the ducks.
There is a large reed bed which I believe acts as a natural filter and the ducklings use this as a retreat and cover and although there are seagulls the ducklings are able to hide and not be atacked or eaten.
The ducks on the lakes at West Park are non-migratory so will not move on and have made this their home. I spoke to a Middlesbrough Council Worker who said they had no problem with algae and the ducklings and moorhen chicks survive as they are able to hide from the gulls in the reeds. Perhaps we should be placing reeds in our lakes as this would be cheap and provide a visually attractive feature.
Karen Gray

boro lake