Halloween is coming, no trick or treat this year.

But, please children, there’s no need to shed a tear!

You can still get on some make up and don your scary garb,

Why not toast some marshmallows until they’re nicely charred?

Make some decorations to brighten up your home.

Pumpkins and spider webs will surely set the tone.

Fill a bowl with water and pop some apples in.

Then carefully bob for them, though you’ll get a soggy chin!

Ask a grown up to help you carve a pumpkin’s scary face.

Place it in your window. Passers by will think it’s ace.

Instead of trick or treating, Mum can hide sweeties round the house.

I’m sure you’ll find them all, but do it as quietly as a mouse!

However you have fun during this half term break,

Please enjoy yourselves but stick to Covid rules for all our health’s sake.

MMK – October 2020