Dear Sir,

If your reader John D. Clare, shocks so easily, please let him not view Parliamentary TV to witness rampant aggression – complete with facial distortions – starring the ‘People’s Representatives’ to the delight and incredulity of a worldwide audience.

True, I may have chosen a better phrase than “put down’ but I had already recorded ‘dissolved’. The factual detail of my White Stick letter is correct and I stand by ‘anachronism’, as supported by the Attorney General’s – “this Parliament is unfit for purpose” said from the floor of the ‘House’ … with more in similar vein.

GOVERNMENT is elected to govern on the basis of it’s manifesto and promises.

As the Legislative Body of Government, Parliament’s duty is:

1 – to represent the electorate;

2 – the making and passing of laws;

3 – overseeing Government, via enquiries and hearings.

Effectively, the Executor; and, throughout our lifetime Mr Clare, Parliament has laid claim to being the ‘People’s Watchdog’ over Government. It hasn’t quite worked, as:

1 – Parliament has already democratically voted, passed, approved and promised to honour the Referendum result, but has failed to do so;

2 – appreciable numbers of our elected Representatives have deliberately chosen to follow their own agendas rather than properly represent the democratic wishes of their electorate.

Clearly damage to our democracy is being inflicted from within the very ‘cradle’ of it. The damage to our pockets is as much a result of Parliamentary uncertainties effect on Sterling than the actual Brexit.

Democracy now denied, there certainly is Nationwide anger at the pretence. Anger of which some appear to be unaware but are simplistically prepared to dub incendiary, an inflammatory word, without addressing the cause. Democracy has been gradually eroded for at least 40 years and that, Mr Clare, is down to a generational failure. Ours, yours and mine. Complacency and platitudes; calming the victims rather than addressing the practitioners; acceptance of falling standards; all reveal the need for greater awareness, greater selectivity in the people we choose to represent us. If MP’s cannot, or will not, or change allegiances, the Electorate – not the Party – needs a mid-term deselection procedure. Accountability focuses the mind.

1 – New Labour’s leaving note in the till read “no money left”. Not “sorry” – that a previously solvent Country was left ‘broke’ – it’s people facing punishing austerity years;

2 – PM Heath signed us into the EEC promising it a “strictly marketing exercise” in the knowledge that the document he signed contained clauses for greater political and financial ties;

3 – When PM John Major returned with the Maastricht Treaty in 1991, Parliament passed it without then knowing exactly how much power had been conceded – 339 votes to 253;

4 – Currently, senior Defence and Intelligence experts, warn us of a stealth takeover allowing those services accessible to the EU even after we leave. A giveaway “unseen” by our UK Parliament.

A small sample from ‘items of interest’ available. I ask the question, what practical use is this ‘Watchdog’ – this Parliament? It fails to honour it’s commitment, deliver it’s promises, or adequately supervise Government’s actions.

It stars on TV, while allowing us to be burgled. Surely any burglar would gladly gift such a ‘Watchdog’ to his next victim.

Yours faithfully

Douglas Whittaker