Greenfield Arts were delighted to offer a musical message to the community as they visited the Cree group with a pop-up doorstep performance recently.
The song ‘A Brighter Day’ was commissioned by Greenfield Arts and brought together the thoughts and words of the Cree men as a lovely way to improve well-being and share hopes and feelings as the world begins to open up a little.
The song was written and performed by John Melvin who was able to capture the essence and hopeful messages for the future that had been written by the group. The creativity of the Cree men was translated poignantly and brought a smile and a tear to many, here’s a taster…
“Rainbows in the window – applause for those who care,
The kindness shown by strangers – to people everywhere…
We’ve all missed the smiles and hugs – meeting up with friends
Little things that make us laugh – much of life depends…”
Another performance is planned in a safe environment where John will entertain the group and staff at Greenfield Arts
It was lovely to launch the summer season with such a positive event and bring ‘a brighter day’ to all. To find out more about our full summer programme visit
Greenfield Arts are committed to offering high quality arts activities that helps stimulate creativity, questioning and enquiry.