Residents Support Councillors in Keeping Important Footpaths

Residents in the Whinlatter Place area have reacted angrily to the County Council proposal to demolish their footbridge and are backing Ward County Councillors Eddy Adam and Kate Hopper in retaining all bridges in the West Park area.
The first these councillors knew of the proposal was when they read it in Newton News and it begs the question who runs the County Council?
Councillor Adam was quite annoyed and took the discourtesy of not being informed as a “slap in the face”! He and Kate Hopper have organised a petition to gauge public opinion and the Williamfield Residents’ Association also got to work with their own petition, obtaining 380 signatures.
Speaking to residents close to the bridge “Newton News” discovered that after receiving one complaint of the bridge being unsafe, the  County Council sent in a bulldozer to put it out of use completely. The rubble and fencing they left behind is an awful sight.
This is a bridge which is an important footpath to the Railway Station, the Business Park and the Oakleaf Sports Complex. The Council say it will cost £25-£30,000 to repair, but it would not have been this large amount had they made minor repairs at the time of the initial complaint instead of partly demolishing the structure.

whinlatter bridge