David Priestley, Executive Headteacher at Greenfield Community College, joined by Dave Ford, Chair of Governors were delighted to support David Hugill as he received his 100% Attendance Award for the five years he spent at Greenfield. David attended school for the full five years without a day off. David was a popular student who valued his education and wanted to do well. He achieved ten high grades in the summer, which proved to everyone that “everyday really does count”. He is an extremely talented dancer and eventually wants to use his qualifications to become a dance teacher, but not before he has had the opportunity to see the World. He is currently studying Travel & Tourism at Durham College and hopes to use this qualification to give him the experience he requires to apply to become Cabin Crew for Emirates Airlines. David is a very determined young man and his friendly personality and his desire to help others will certainly equip him into the world of work. David Priestley said “we are always proud to have at least one student represent our school at this special event which has now been running for seventeen years. David set himself a target to achieve this and he has proved that attending school every day has enabled him to follow his post sixteen pathway. We wish him every success for the future”.