Dear Sir,
Following the latest letter in Newton News regarding the disruption caused by the 10K Run, I feel that I must respond.
I live just off Meadowfield Way and for a number of years have had difficulty in leaving my home on the morning of the run.
This year there were no road closure notices on Greenfield Way which led us to feel that at last the route might have been changed but this proved to not be the case.
I visited the police station to ask for advice but apart from suggesting that I either leave earlier or park the car some distance from my home they could do little to help.
As my circumstances prevent an early departure and my husband, who is the driver, is unable to walk very far these two options were of no use at all.
Eventually we put a notice in the car window saying that we needed to be away by 9.45am and this year had no problem.
When Mike Beadle organised the run we always had letters through the door a few weeks before the race with a contact number should there be any difficulties but since he stood down the race seems to be organised by someone who does not wish to be identified.
Whilst I have every sympathy with those who enter the run and admire the charitable status it holds I continue to feel that little thought is given to those it does actually inconvenience.
I would be very pleased if someone from the running club would discuss the matter with either my husband or myself by calling the number held by Newton News.
Mrs J. Dutch