Massive congratulations to Newtonian Harry Rose, aged 10, who marched and played in his first Durham Miners Gala last weekend. He arrived at Craghead for 6.30 am to meet his much loved band and began to play at 7am as he marched through Craghead Village before hopping on a bus to Durham. Craghead Band were the first band to march through the city and play outside the County Hotel before continuing to play and march onto the racecourse.

Harry, a student at St. Mary’s School, was very lucky to be invited to play, and he has worked and practiced very hard to be part of the band. Craghead Band was one of four bands invited to play in the Service at Durham Cathedral. Harry feels this was the most amazing experience hearing the band echo throughout the cathedral as they played. Well done Harry, you played amazingly and your maturity throughout the day was fantastic.